FIMK Server 0.4.0 – Mandatory update

It’s been a while since our last server release and it’s not without reason. Hours and hours were spend getting to this moment and now finally the time is here. As I said numerous times before; we have big plans for FIMK and tons of ideas for all sorts of services, ideas which were not […]

About FIMK public keys

This is an older article. It is currently no longer required to publish your public key before you can use your account. At the time I write this new FIMK accounts still need to know their PUBLIC KEY in order to receive FIMK, messages, assets or any other incoming transaction to their account. After you receive […]

Connecting to FIMK websockets

In this post I’d like to explain how to connect to the FIMK Websocket server from client side javascript. We’ll be creating a small widget consisting of HTML and Javascript only that could be shown on a website. The widget will be displaying the current blockheight of the FIMK network and will update in real time […]

FIMK adds websocket support to it’s core

All crypto coin (distributed consensus) systems exists roughly of the same three building blocks. You always have your p2p (peer to peer) part which sits in memory and talks to the other peers on the network, in FIMK this part is a java servlet running in a Jetty servlet container. Users don’t normally interact with this […]

Crypto and gaming projects

Provoked to think about the similarities between crypto and gaming projects, I got on the tangent nicely to conclude a nice sunny Thurswinterday. I’ve only been ever involved in small game projects on the producer side. From the management and technical development policy perspectives I consider them nearly similar to small crypto projects like FIMK. I […]

FIMKrypto Project Blog begins here!

Welcome to the FIMK project blog. This webspace is used to publish updates about the technical developments of the FIMK project among other more or less important snippets of info. The forum at is used for more in-depth discussion of things FIMKrypto, whereas this blog functions as more informal diary of the FIMK authors – […]