How to start the FIMK or NXT server

In previous versions of our client software (mofowallet/lompsa) there was a dialog that popped up on start up and that asked you to start the embedded FIMK or NXT servers. This dialog has been removed since it was seen as a little bit annoying and not really necessary to operate the client (because it uses […]


Embeds FIMK 0.5 and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.13. This release starts the rebranding from mofowallet to what will become it’s new identity The login procedure has changed. It used to be possible to enter your secret phrase in any transaction dialog. This is no longer the case, users must now “Sign in”. When signing in users […]

Enabling Virtual Exchange on NXT+

We have enabled and are testing NXT+ with Virtual Exchange enabled. For more information on the topic please visit our bitcointalk page: What does the Virtual Exchange do? To get rid of the slowness of the AE (the need to wait for blocks) we developed the Virtual Exchange layer. This turned out to be a […]

Simple outline for decentralized webshop marketplace

To further our plans of enabling worldwide decentralized marketplace through the FIMKrypto blockchain and Mofowallet, I opted for leveraging my limited e-commerce project experience here in public, describing a simple database schema and the outline of a basic webshop configuration. Mind you about the complete absence of novelty factor; The roots of this knowledge are around […]


We are proud to present you with MofoWallet 0.4.2. MofoWallet serves as both the standard FIMK client and as the multi-coin wallet with which you can manage both your FIMK and NXT accounts. With this new version we give you: Translations into 64 languages Full text blockchain search (with instant results) And lots and lots […]

FIMK Server 0.4.1 – Available in 64 languages baby

We are proud to announce version 0.4.1 of the FIMK server package. The first release in which we not only introduce support for 64 languages but also introduce our new built-into-the-client crowd-powered translation tool. Downloads (note this is the server package) Download the FIMK 0.4.1 SERVER Release. About this release At the Krypto Fin ri […]

NXT+ – Giving back in an open source way

The FIMK client (mofowallet) communicates solely over websockets, this works both much faster than the existing HTTP API and it allows for bi-directional communications with the FIMK server (so called push model). Without these changes it would have been impossible to create mofowallet in its current form. Websockets however serve much more purposes, all types of […]


Mofowallet has been available for some time now on the non-secure domain, this domain is relatively easy to remember but lacks of course SSL protection. Because of issues we were having in properly forwarding the domain to our CDN while preserving SSL connectivity we had to resort to somewhat of a hack which […]


FIMK Client 0.4.1 (still named mofowallet) has been updated to give better forging and leasing feedback. After feedback from the community we decided to fix the forging and leasing issues people where experiencing. This release has better “Am I forging or not?” and better “Who am I leasing to and who is leasing to me?” feedback. Downloads […]

FIMK Client 0.4.0 – Welcome back mofowallet

Blood sweat tears, more blood and again some more tears were poured into making this a reality. But we don’t give up and we don’t give in we’re in for the win. To go over every little aspect of this release I’ll need more than one blog post (two or three are probably not even enough) so […]