NXT+ (plus) updated to 1.7.4

Talk about just in time.. Because of the NXT hardfork at block 621,000 the current NXT+ version would have stopped working.

But we’re happy to announce we’ve updated NXT+ to the latest NXT version which is 1.7.4.

NXT+ can be found here on our github repo https://github.com/fimkrypto/nxt-plus

NXT+ is an enhanced NXT version made by the developers who made FIMK.
With NXT+ you’ll have not only the existing NXT HTTP API at your disposal but also the FIMK bi-directional WebSocket connectors. This allows for so called push messages from NXT server to the client.

It is because of these bi-directional connectors that we were able to make our client respond in real-time to NXT network events.

Our NXT+ servers power our online fully functional NXT client (which is being replaced by https://lompsa.com).

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