FIMK 0.6.3 Server Released

Bug fix. Accounts that contain ask or bid orders from before the most recent fork did not return correct results from getActivity API, this resulted in empty activity lists in the client.

For users who do not access the getActivity API (either directly or through the client) this update is not strictly necessary.


The instruction displayed in the logs to update will be something like this:

sh 0.6.3 2093ef1dbd1e112d85fd6eb96603244400658d6d7ce165184d57faf19a6436b0

To get around the missing file you instead must issue the following extra command to update to this version, in future versions this extra step is not needed since the build system now includes that script.

So to update to this release instead do this:

curl -L -k -o
sh 0.6.3 2093ef1dbd1e112d85fd6eb96603244400658d6d7ce165184d57faf19a6436b0

If you would first like to inspect the shell script before executing it simply open in your browser.


SHA256 2093ef1dbd1e112d85fd6eb96603244400658d6d7ce165184d57faf19a6436b0
MD5    7eee48f34f13614609ce60b27aa5ce45

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