If you have not done so already.

Everyone MUST update to 0.6.0 or later or you’ll end up on a fork!

Desktop version

Release/Download (go here to find SHA256 HASH of downloads)

Embeds FIMK 0.6.1 (based on NXT 1.5.10).

Various bug fixes.

Adds support for the new FIMK account identifiers, which are email addresses.
Integrates the account creation with the hosted verification service.

Free account identifiers available. Use either or
or use your custom real email address.

To use your real email address (not ending in or you need
to confirm an email we send to your real email address.

All new accounts are given 1 FIMK if using the hosted service.


Server version

This release blacklists all nodes that have not updated to 0.6.0, it seems
not all nodes have updated to 0.6.* which will cause a fork of the network.

By running this version you can be sure not to end up on that fork that will
eventually die when everyone else updates to 0.6.*.


Release (contains SHA256 hashes)

New website is live

We are happy to announce our new English website is up at

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