Desktop 0.5.0 & Server 0.6.0 released

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Hard fork will happen on Jan 18th – 21.00 GMT

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Desktop version

Embeds FIMK 0.6.0 (based on NXT 1.5.10) no longer includes NXT.

FIMK 0.6.0 is a mandatory update, you must update to this version before:

Jan 18th 2016 – 21.00 GMT

This is probably the last release under the old mofowallet brand name, throughout the client you’ll notice the use of the new Lompsa brand.

The latest online version can always be found at

FIMK 0.6.0 introduces Private Assets, Colored Accounts and a new Account Idetifier mechanism.
This relases adds support for those FIMK features.

Other changes apply to various sections. The following list highlights some of the more important changes.

  • new wallet handling with configuration section
  • multi account support, switch between accounts with single click
  • many improvements to the Asset Exchange, Marketplace and Account sections
  • revamped account section menus

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Server version

FIMK 0.6.0 is a mandatory update, you must update to this version before:

Jan 18th 2016 – 21.00 GMT

This is a critical update and will cause you to be on a fork if you don’t update. The hard fork will happen by setting a set of pre-determined aliases on the FIMK blockchain.

FIMK 0.6.0 is based on NXT 1.5.10

NXT 1.5.10 is the last NXT release before enabling the following functionalities:

  • Monetary System
  • Voting
  • Phasing
  • Prunable Message Data

At this stage while this code is ready and available on the FIMK testnet we did not yet decide to enable these functionalities on the main FIMK net. Instead this release enables only new FIMK functionalities.

FIMK 0.6.0 changes:

This release embeds Lompsa client 0.5.0.

Private Assets

When issueing an asset users can choose to issue a ‘private’ asset instead of a ‘standard’ asset. This functionality is implemented through a change to the internal asset exchange mechanism where we’ve introduced the ‘type’ property for each asset. Currently there are the types ‘standard’ and ‘private’, in the future more asset types can be added through this mechanism.

A private asset is meant for use in financial institutions, it is an asset class which gives the asset issuer more control over the asset on the
decentralized FIMK network.

Issueing a private asset costs 10,000 FIM.

A private asset issuer can do the following:

1. Issue a new asset and mark it private

To create a private asset either use the Lompsa client and tick the ‘private’ checkbox when issueing a new asset.
Or use the HTTP API “issueAsset” and provide a “type” parameter which is set to “1” for private assets. (“0” is the default but can be omitted for standard assets).

2. Determine (to) who the asset can be traded or transfered.

Accounts are either allowed or not allowed to trade and transfer, the asset issuer can add and remove these accounts.
Buy or sell orders from accounts that are removed from the list of accounts allowed to trade or transfer are automatically cancelled.

Adding an account to the list of allowed accounts costs 10 FIM, removing an account from the list of allowed accounts costs 0.1 FIM.

To add (or remove) allowed accounts either use the Lompsa client (see Lompsa Advanced section).
Or use the HTTP API “addPrivateAssetAccount” or “removePrivateAssetAccount”, provide the asset identifier as the ‘asset’ parameter and set the account to add/remove as the transaction recipient.

3. Set and collect trade fee

Asset issuer can (optionally) set a trade fee for the private asset.
Upon each automated trade which occurs in the decentralized order matching engine a percentage is taken from the receiving account, this
is either FIM (or colored FIM) or the private asset being traded.

Changing the trade fee costs 0.1 FIM, default trade fee is set to 0%.

4. Set and collect order fee

Asset issuer can (optionally) set a order fee for private assets. When selling an asset the order fee is paid as a percentage of the amount of
assets offered, when buying an asset the order fee fee is paid as a percentage of the total amount of FIMK (or colored FIMK) offered.

Changing the order fee costs 0.1 FIM, default order fee is set to 0%.

To change the order or trade fee percentage either use the Lompsa client (see Lompsa Advanced section).
Or use the HTTP API “setPrivateAssetFee” this API call allows to set both order and trade fee with a single call. The call expects the “asset” parameter to identify the asset and a percentage value for either (or both) “orderFeePercentage” and “tradeFeePercentage”.

See the following table for what values relate to which percentages.

| Parameter (**FeePercentage)              | Actual percentage        |
| 1                                        | 0.000001%                |
| 10                                       | 0.00001%                 |
| 100,000                                  | 0.1%                     |
| 1,000,000                                | 1%                       |
| 10,000,000                               | 10%                      |

When using the Lompsa client UI these values are calculated and formatted automatically for you.

Colored Accounts

Colored accounts is a new FIMK feature which borrows it’s name from the concept of colored-coins.
With colored accounts any user can create their own account color and create one or more initial colored accounts.

This is similar in many ways to the Monetary System but with some key differences:

1. You must send FIM to a colored account to turn it into colored FIM (no need for large amounts – works just as well with NQT (0.00000001 FIM)).

2. Colored accounts are not limited in functionality as Monetary System units are; colored accounts can be used in the Asset Exchange as well as in the Marketplace and all other current and future FIMK functionalities.

3. Colored accounts are supported in the Lompsa client as regular accounts.

4. FIM can be transfered to colored FIM and back to FIM again by sending it to the color creator.

Once the color creator has created the account color and the initial colored account is assigned you can create any new number of colored accounts simply by sending them a payment, asset transfer or message. Only new accounts can become colored accounts.

Creating a new account color costs 10,000 FIM.

To create a new account color either use the Lompsa client (see advanced section).
Or use the HTTP API “accountColorCreate” which expects a ‘name’ and ‘description’ parameter.

To assign the initial colored account either use the Lompsa client (see advanced section).
Or use the HTTP API “accountColorAssign” which expects an “accountColorId” and the “recipient”.

Email Account Identifiers

The preparation for this feature is still under way, this release enables the core requirements to move to this new method of identifying accounts.

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