Lompsa 0.4.9 released

Embeds FIMK 0.5.2 (based on NXT 1.5.10) and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.15.

Added about dialog, accessible from the settings menu. The dialog displays the client version and build time and the server version when running the embedded server.

Fixed the balance display for the logged in user in the top bar, balance now updates in real-time when you send or receive any type of transaction.

The build scripts now add the build time to the global auto-generated mode.js settings file.

Changed the price chart to use the new server chart backend. This fixes the price chart bugs for low volume assets. Chart now has access to proper OHLC data. Investigations into d3.js will continue which will likely result in a proper customized live updating/animated chart in the future.

New exclusive FIMK feature:  Gossip based chat.

Free decentralized encrypted chat based on the FIMK gossip protocol. Your address is your chat handle. You can see which contacts are online (you must confirm before your online status is shared) or when your contact starts typing.

Chat messages are wrapped in gossip messages (which are similar to transactions but are not stored on the blockchain) and distributed over the FIMK network.
A lot of care is given in ensuring the gossip protocol is secure and does not affect the other data on the network.

When using the free chat feature messages are only stored in your browser or desktop app memory, if desired individual messages can be deleted.
Blockchain stored messages which will appear in the same message thread as your free messages giving users a fluent experience.

Of course like blockchain stored messages chat messages also support the full set of emojis.

Note: to use the free chat feature you’ll need to use your FIMK account we have not ported the functionality to be used with your NXT account (yet).

New FIMK feature: Decentralized Goods Store.

For some time the Digital Goods Store has been available in the FIMK server protocol but was lacking a front end in Lompsa. The Digital Goods Store is a NXT invention, details of which can be found here: https://wiki.nxtcrypto.org/wiki/Marketplace

Through our new UI users can now buy and sell items on the Marketplace through Lompsa. The Lompsa Marketplace works for both FIMK and NXT accounts.

FIMK Marketplace features:

  • includes a URL callback service to notify the seller of a purchase
  • includes support for product images

The current implementation is a first fully functional prototype, expect it to
change considerably in the future.

Updated FIMK feature: Merchant Terminal.

Sends an invoice as a URL, will forward users to hosted Lompsa. The idea is that a merchant can request a payment in FIMK (or NXT which is also supported) by constructing a URL that contains the following items:

  • recipient address (in RS format FIM-DLVG-XSBG-NUVW-75VVM for instance)
  • amount (in NQT, 1 NQT equals 0.00000001 FIMK)
  • deadline (transaction deadline in blocks, between 1 and 1440)
  • description (shown to the user)
  • message (encrypted message that will be included with the payment)

Sample: https://www.mofowallet.com/launch.html#/merchant/FIM-DLVG-XSBG-NUVW-75VVM/500000000/1440/This%20is%20the%20description/This%20is%20the%20message

New FIMK feature: Shorter Finnish passphrase support

Instead of the standard twelve word English passphrases we have added support for Finnish passphrases. Because there are over 7K words in the Finnish word list (instead of only 1600 in the English list) we can offer slightly greater (a few bits) passphrase strength while only using 10 Finnish words instead of 12 English words. We are investigating if the same can be done for our English word list, also expect other languages to be supported in the future.

This version is build on nwjs 0.12.3 with removed support for pdf (lower download size).

Includes improved user provided translations for:

  • Polish
  • Bulgarian
  • Finnish

Thanks translators!

~~~ DOWNLOAD ~~~


SHA256 95520284c6e74a0cdb483b986c6af9547124742d57ccc5fd0734eb983fd6fe98
MD5 04ee9a679c8dd8e0f0b15914b146f969


SHA256 ccfd31db14286798a2b339e44cef29f790d77f53b97b104efe702d93acf0fe18
MD5 1179734a7f61aae5a8badafed8e410e7


SHA256 a40b50aa2766104466b5750d4b1f951f9eabc9010b83ff0be4d7084c58ad12b9
MD5 dae2fb54f60c99676257950f9ba1ea95


SHA256 c19db8e68639610375048353ba5c0b6688bba6d29e7ed3f6c7da0fde5ce20e9e
MD5 a574b2b291bbf5da5928146c7261f064


SHA256 79d8ad01c54e65750f35a9ffc528a8ec22ba289677626280c0afa3b2901999ff
MD5 242481c614062714a09dc0a6dd083dd4


SHA256 60872b3e7ef149151cfcd64f01e7d90816ef169b4dcd180360efb86f4083c3da
MD5 c4b37455b601cef09ef9558db6a219f2

Want to check out the FIMK or NXT Marketplace online?

Visit FIMK Market here, visit NXT Market here.

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    October 11, 2015

    Good job guys, good to see new useful features!

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