[Experimental] LOMPSA 0.4.7

Preview release.

Embeds FIMK 0.5.1 and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.13.

Re-make of the chat functionality. Blockchain messages and locally stored ‘gossip’
messages are now displayed in a fluent timeline.

Gossip messages are no longer stored in the DB in FIMK 0.5.1 only a light weight
list of ‘seen-before’ gossip id’s (java longs) is what is kept at each peer
to prevent re-sending gossips that have been sent before. This list is set to
delete everything over 2000 items which should be more than enough since gossip
messages have a built-in cryptographically secured timestamp that lets them expire,
expired gossip messages are automatically ignored by the network.

The chat functionality now shows the online status of your contacts.

Please note that in this experimental version when you login or visit the chat
section you are prompted to share your online status. Your status will be shared
with the entire network any one who is actively ‘listening’ will see a gossip
ping being sent over the network with your account as the ‘sender address’.

The gossip (or swarm) protocol works by relaying messages between peers just like
transactions and blocks are relayed (but with a lower priority to not get in the
way of the blocks and transactions traveling over the network). Your IP address
is not revealed when using the gossip protocol – that is you are as anonymous
as anyone sending transactions or blocks.

The current real-time chat feature built on-top of the gossip protocol is just
one example of what can be built with this tech.

Chat messages are end-to-end encrypted with your secret phrase and have the same
level of encryption as NXT/FIMK blockchain messages have had all this time.


Screenshot from 2015-08-27 11:09:54

Emoji are supported everywhere now.


Screenshot from 2015-08-27 11:11:55

Rough design of the current chat feature. Blockchain messages and (locally stored) gossip messages are shown in real-time side by side. Focus has been on components mainly, our designers will turn it into a nice looking package later on.

Downloads available here.

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