Embeds FIMK 0.5 and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.13.

This release starts the rebranding from mofowallet to what will become it’s new identity

The login procedure has changed. It used to be possible to enter your secret phrase in any transaction dialog. This is no longer the case, users must now “Sign in”.

When signing in users have three options:

  1. Enter a secret phrase for that session only
  2. Enter a secret phrase and store it in your encrypted wallet
  3. Enter your wallet password and select one of your previously stored secret phrases

The old wallet.dat file is still supported and will remain so but it’s no longer the preferred way to provide your secret phrase. Instead the contents of the wallet.dat file are now stored in the application localStorage (same mechanism is used when run in the browser).

Since your wallet is now in the application it’s must more user friendly especially on small screen devices like your mobile.

Account creation process was improved for FIMK and NXT, users can generate a different secret phrase and move back and forward between secret phrases selecting one that suits you best.

  1. Completely new messenger UI.
  2. Sends encrypted messages to your contacts
  3. Full built-in emoji support
  4. Supports sending transient messages (free messages that disapear)
  5. Supports sending permanent messages (stored on blockchain)
  6. Mobile friendly

Emoji are supported everywhere (Explorer, Messenger, Dashboard, Account pages etc).
When sending a transaction it was already possible to attach a message, these messages now support the full set of emoji. To save room on the blockchain we currently use a base32 based emoji code, but if you wish you can enter the real emoji name by hand.

Go here to look up all supported emoji.

Increased performance when running local server. Out of memory problems should no longer occur, if they do please report them.

Many bigger and smaller improvements in search, explorer, dashboard etc..

Improved language support accessing one of the 64 supported languages was made easier.

About (free) Transient Messages..

This FIMK and NXT feature is experimental and makes use of the existing support for referenced transactions. A transient message is an AM transaction of which we set the referenced transaction to a value so that it never gets executed.
There are at any time a maximum of 2000 transient transactions on the network, if more are added the oldest get removed.

Download here

or use online from your browser 🙂

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