Enabling Virtual Exchange on NXT+

We have enabled and are testing NXT+ with Virtual Exchange enabled.

For more information on the topic please visit our bitcointalk page:

What does the Virtual Exchange do?

To get rid of the slowness of the AE (the need to wait for blocks) we developed the Virtual Exchange layer. This turned out to be a difficult task but all turned out well in the end thanks to our new and efficient javascript based testing tools.

What the virtual exchange does is exactly as it says provide an exchange but a virtual one.
While in the normal AE orders are matched (and balances are updated etc ..) when a new block comes in, in the virtual exchange orders are matched the millisecond an unconfirmed transaction hits the network.

Virtual Exchange makes the decentralized turn based Asset Exchange appear to be instant.
Giving the user the most up-to-date real time view of the NXT/FIMK network state based on unconfirmed transactions.

The fun thing now is when you place an order you’ll see in realtime (all over the world) what the consequences of that action are (your balance will change immediately as will you see all trades that happen from that order as well see all partially matched orders have their remaining amounts updated).

This layer of course had to be made fully aware of new blocks coming in or forked blocks being popped. Since you cannot know for sure the order in which transactions are finally placed in the block by the forger, the layer (which works like an event system over websockets) had to also be made aware of this and be able to correct it on all connected clients.


Try it out on the FIMK or NXT network

Assets can be found by typing part of the name or description in the filter box.

Screenshot from 2015-07-06 14:09:34

Click for a live version:

Screenshot from 2015-07-06 14:12:37

The new UI is (at the moment) only available on hosted mofowallet, expect some downtime from time to time while we upload new versions.

Click for a live version:

Theme switcher still available under settings menu, current default theme is named “Google”, if you used hosted mofowallet before you will still have “Yeti” theme selected. This theme is named “Slate”, total of 19 themes available.

Screenshot from 2015-07-06 14:15:28Click for a live version:
Visit Theme Switcher: https://www.mofowallet.com/launch.html#/settings/themes


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