NXT+ – Giving back in an open source way

The FIMK client (mofowallet) communicates solely over websockets, this works both much faster than the existing HTTP API and it allows for bi-directional communications with the FIMK server (so called push model). Without these changes it would have been impossible to create mofowallet in its current form.

Websockets however serve much more purposes, all types of technology providers can have a benefit of having a websocket interface to the FIMK (and NXT) servers. Examples are automated trading solutions, exchanges, payment processors basically anyone building anything on NXT tech.

Since we have a lot to thank to the NXT community by providing the basis for the FIMK platform we decided to give something back.

We have bundled the websocket improvements made for FIMK and ported them back to NXT so now anyone working with NXT can do so over a websocket connection. This has been made into a project we call NXT+, and since we are planning to keep supporting both NXT and FIMK in the mofowallet client we will be keeping NXT+ up to date since it’s a part of and shipped with mofowallet.

Click here to visit the NXT+ project site.


NXT+ is currently based on NXT 1.4.17
NXT+ is currently based on NXT 1.5.9
NXT+ is currently based on NXT 1.5.13
NXT+ is currently based on NXT 1.5.15

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