Mofowallet has been available for some time now on the non-secure domain, this domain is relatively easy to remember but lacks of course SSL protection.

Because of issues we were having in properly forwarding the domain to our CDN while preserving SSL connectivity we had to resort to somewhat of a hack which did allow for a secure connection.

You might have seen the use of the domain which we used when referring to online Mofowallet. It was a hard to read and difficult domain but it did have a secure connection which is why we chose to use it instead of the simpler non-secure connection.

But luckily those days are over. From now on hosted Mofowallet will be on the domain again.

And don’t worry about updating your links either, that’s all taken care off.

Whether you visit any of these links, you’ll always end up on the correct and secure domain, try it out yourself.

All these links now forward to

Secure links..

Non secure links..

Launch links

To keep things simple there now also is a direct link to the wallet in the main menu of the website. So all you really should remember from now on is, not that difficult right.

Screenshot from 2015-03-31 17:30:30

Launch the wallet from it’s homepage

One last note

Having trouble connecting or getting a certificate error? Try refreshing the browser with CTRL+F5 a couple of times. This issue should go away once the DNS changes have properly  propagated (which could take up to 24 hours).

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