FIMK 0.6.3 Server Released

Bug fix. Accounts that contain ask or bid orders from before the most recent fork did not return correct results from getActivity API, this resulted in empty activity lists in the client. For users who do not access the getActivity API (either directly or through the client) this update is not strictly necessary. Update The instruction displayed in […]

FIMK 0.6.2 Server Released

Bug fix for fork issue shown in console as ‘java.nio.BufferUnderflowException’. The bug (fixed in this release) caused an error during blockchain scanning or downloading. To prevent peers from being on or switching to a possible fork caused by 0.6.0. On startup we’ll one time delete all blocks after PRIVATE_ASSETS_BLOCK and force a rescan. This version blacklists […]

NXT+ (plus) updated to 1.7.4

Talk about just in time.. Because of the NXT hardfork at block 621,000 the current NXT+ version would have stopped working. But we’re happy to announce we’ve updated NXT+ to the latest NXT version which is 1.7.4. NXT+ can be found here on our github repo NXT+ is an enhanced NXT version made by the […]

Solving the hard fork dilemma

We’re adding hard fork helper functionality to the server core, the crap we are now experiencing has annoyed us long enough and has to end now. From this coming release we will do things slightly different which will lead to faster iteration times and more streamlined hard forks over our beloved decentralized peer 2 peer […]


If you have not done so already. Everyone MUST update to 0.6.0 or later or you’ll end up on a fork! Desktop version Release/Download (go here to find SHA256 HASH of downloads) Embeds FIMK 0.6.1 (based on NXT 1.5.10). Various bug fixes. Adds support for the new FIMK account identifiers, which are email addresses. Integrates the […]

Desktop 0.5.0 & Server 0.6.0 released

Please update.. Hard fork will happen on Jan 18th – 21.00 GMT Desktop version Embeds FIMK 0.6.0 (based on NXT 1.5.10) no longer includes NXT. FIMK 0.6.0 is a mandatory update, you must update to this version before: Jan 18th 2016 – 21.00 GMT This is probably the last release under the old mofowallet brand […]

Lompsa 0.4.9 released

Embeds FIMK 0.5.2 (based on NXT 1.5.10) and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.15. Added about dialog, accessible from the settings menu. The dialog displays the client version and build time and the server version when running the embedded server. Fixed the balance display for the logged in user in the top bar, balance now updates in real-time when […]

[Experimental] Lompsa 0.4.8

Preview release. Embeds FIMK 0.5.1 and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.13. Did a major refactoring of the initial gossip client code. Reason being that we are in need of adding support for more message types. Improvements to the chat section, no longer does the online/offline status of contacts ‘flicker’ when coming and going online. Added support […]

[Experimental] LOMPSA 0.4.7

Preview release. Embeds FIMK 0.5.1 and NXT-PLUS based on NXT 1.5.13. Re-make of the chat functionality. Blockchain messages and locally stored ‘gossip’ messages are now displayed in a fluent timeline. Gossip messages are no longer stored in the DB in FIMK 0.5.1 only a light weight list of ‘seen-before’ gossip id’s (java longs) is what […]